Darek Dobrzyniecki - Partner

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+48 509 453 378

Today I share the experience that I have been collecting for the first four decades of my life - professionally as an entrepreneur, salesman, manager, and privately as a friend, a conscious father, a person constantly seeking opportunities for improvement and development.

As an adviser and trainer, I develop the effectiveness of organizations, teams, and as an executive coach of individual managers, in the areas of sales, leadership, team management, and change. I help in questioning the status quo, leaving the comfort zone, overcoming their own limitations. I teach how to win over people, infect them with ideas and energy, overcome limitations resulting from often false beliefs and unjustified fears, how to improve their own mental strength and communication skills - listening and speaking (convincing and storytelling).

If you know or simply feel that you or your team need to learn how to do better than today, please contact me:

+48 509 45 33 78
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


I specialize in running projects in the areas of: leadership, management, development of efficiency, competence and commitment, teamwork, sales management, consulting sales, effective communication in storytelling and public speaking, sustainable development of people and organizations.

I am particularly happy to run the Storytelling for Leaders workshops and meetings within the JUST A MAN project ( and I also work with Gallup CliftonStrengths (formerly StrengthsFinder) and Reiss Motivation Profile tools.

Professional experience:

Over 20 years of sales experience and sales management + over 10 years in consulting and training. The path from the sales representative, through the product manager, key account manager to the head of sales, I went through the telecommunications, IT, training and consulting industry.

As a consultant, coach and coach, I worked, among others, for companies such as: ATENA, Bank Pekao, Benefit Systems, BEST, Boston Scientific, BOSCH, Candellux Lighting, Coca-Cola HBC, Credit Agricole Bank Poland, DRB, Duracell, EFL, Getin Noble Bank, Grupa Pracuj, WP Group, Grupa Żywiec, IDEMIA, LoVo , LPP, MEDIA IMPACT POLSKA, METRO Properties, MOSQI.TO, Morpol, PLAY, PZN - Property Management Company, Rhenus Logistics, SABUR, SAGE, Shell, Siódemka, TPA, UPC.


A graduate of the Faculty of Management at the University of Gdańsk (bachelor) and Warsaw School of Economics (MA).