A strategic partner of Persona GLOBAL® Polska is Executive-Conversation Polska, which since 2004, as a license partner, offers solutions by Persona GLOBAL®, Inc.


Executive-Conversation Polska is a consulting company offering solutions that are advanced and verified in the world. At first the company offered both advisory and training solutions. In 2008, however, the owners decided to focus exclusively on diagnostic tools at the level of whole organizations and consulting services in the area of changes at the strategic level.

Executive-Conversation Polska cooperates with Persona GLOBAL®, ShaunSmith+Co, International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI) as well as implements projects based on their own long business and consulting experience.

The axis of Persona GLOBAL® Polska and Executive-Conversation Polska cooperation is a Service–Profit Chain. Together we aim at our customers gaining the integrity of their employees and processes with their strategy – in order to increase their revenues, profits and brand equity. The domain of Executive-Conversation Polska is providing customers with the desired experience, and thus gaining their loyalty. Persona GLOBAL® Polska, in turn, helps ensure knowledge and experiences so as to get the employees’ full commitment to the strategy executing. We combine competences of Executive-Conversation in terms of ‘tough’ aspects, such as business processes and measures, with ‘soft’ factors, such as employees’ behaviors, organizational culture, leadership quality, which lie in the area of Persona GLOBAL® Polska specialization.


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