Persona GLOBAL® Polska

Persona GLOBAL® Polska is a team of experienced consultants and business trainers who specialize in bringing out and continuous enriching the companies’ potential.

The strength of each company is people, but it is worth remembering that they need a stable organization capable of appreciating and using their potential in the right way. Therefore, when working for our customers, we focus on the development of both people and organizations, making use of our own experiences as well as resources of Persona GLOBAL®, an international company.

We integrate people with strategy on the principle that guides us ourselves – the welfare of a company depends on people, on minor or major successes of its employees. They need to feel a part of the company, they need to know that their experience is properly used and their abilities – developed. By caring of every, even the smallest success of an employee, one builds up their company capital and achieves the assumed objectives.

As Persona GLOBAL® Polska we inspire and implement bold changes in people’s behavior and organization functioning. We are looking forward to challenges from our customers.



As an experienced team of experts, we are able to assess a company’s condition and the potential results of our recommended actions. We prefer to refuse a service performance than promise the achievement of a goal impossible to reach. However, if we begin to work for our customer, they can be sure of our results. On the basis of measurements we make a diagnosis and design solutions which guarantee development.


Sometimes, despite the predetermined plan, it is worth taking a step in a different direction. We are in constant touch with our customer and ready to make changes in the project.


We help promote behaviors that support the strategy implementation and we integrate employees with their organization making them feel responsible for it.


If we decide to work with our customer, we become co-responsible for their success. Therefore, we are willing to make a part of our remuneration contingent upon the results of our work.


We believe that only professional advisors – charismatic and passionate ones – are able to accomplish tasks they face. A trainer must remember all the elements of a course – know when to get their audience focused, when to make the participants feel relaxed, and when to highlight the most important assumptions.


Working for our customers means new challenges set in accordance with the strategic objectives of a given organization. We give all our energy, using our experience and the global strength of our company.