How to increase B2B Sales? 

  • Why do you feel that you lack control over the results obtained by your team, despite the fact that you constantly control the degree of the Target Achievement and Sales Forecast (pipeline)?
  • What is your impact on all those measures you report?
  • Why does Coaching you try to realize bring no results visible in your business performance?
  • Why do you have to work several hours a day, sometimes on weekends, to answer all the questions asked by your superiors, workmates, and – above all – subordinates?
  • How to systemically and on time reach – if not overcome – the designated objectives and free yourself from tweaking the results with all your might at the end of each settlement period (month, quarter, year)?

 Crack the Sales Management Code 

„Cracking the Sales Management Code” is the title of a best-selling book by Jason Jordan and Michelle Vazzana that takes markets by storm one by one – Poland included.

video-smallCracking the Sales Management Code Book Trailer 

The authors created a comprehensive Management System on the basis of which the program called Cracking the Sales Management Code – a kind of instruction manual – was developed. It is a complex set of solutions and tools for Sales Managers to make their salespeople focused on actions which will truly raise their effectiveness and increase their profits.

The effectiveness of the program was confirmed by a significant increase in performance of many companies entered in the Fortune 1000 list which implemented it, e.g. 3M, Essilor, FedEx, GE, Google, Merck, Microsoft, Oracle, Rockwell Collins, SAP, Schlumberger. One company watched an increase in effectiveness of winning projects included in its Sales Forecast from 25% before the program implementation, through 37% after its completion, up to 54% 18 months later.


“The authors of the book and Cracking the Sales Management Code program claim that the reason for ineffectiveness of the traditional approach towards development of the Sales Management skill is triple.

 Firstly:  most Coaching programs are too general in nature and do not focus on Coaching of Sales-specific activities of Sales representatives.

 Secondly:   programs focus on Leadership skills and can be applied to any people in leader positions, but they are not tailored to the Sales specificity.

 Thirdly:   programs refer to single tasks such as Time Management, Negotiations or Financial Statement Reading.”

The program begins with a diagnosis of adequacy of the Sales activities undertaken by the representatives, accuracy of actions of the Sales Manager, and efficiency of time allocation for different types of activities by the salespeople and manager. On the basis of its results a program of training is prepared to abruptly improve effectiveness and performance of the whole team.

“It is only activities – our own and of our subordinates – that we can manage. Therefore, we can influence realization of the operational Sales goals. Business results measured with financial parameters are the end result that cannot be managed by line managers in fact. After all, even if they command: “Revenue! Grow by 20%!,” its value will not be affected in any way,” says Darek Dobrzyniecki, Managing Partner and Consultant of Persona Global Polska.

“The authors rightly argue that the number of reports Sales Managers need to generate, although growing almost exponentially, unfortunately provide a completely false sense of controlling the situation by Sales Directors. Meanwhile, the real control – and thus the ability of Sales Process Management – comes from understanding what is going on every day “in the field.” This book in a very accessible and easy to use way tells what Sales Managers should do to effectively influence Sales successes of their teams,” said Michael R. Jenkins, Signature Client Vice President from AT&T Global Enterprise Solutions.

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