Leadership and management skills

1. Leadership

We extract Leadership Model

Our approach towards leadership skills development is based on the belief that the right answers are already there in a given organization. Therefore, to begin with, we arrange meetings with managers and employees in order to diagnose expectations about attitudes and behaviors of leaders. Next, during workshops, we show the difference between leading people and managing them. We develop a set of leadership behaviors which coincide with the company’s organizational culture and its strategic objectives. We polish up leaders who set the direction and are able to allocate all employees’ efforts for it.

2. Leadership for performance

We aim at Management Effectiveness

Most of the most effective managers have never earned their MBA nor graduated from schools for managers. Management is practice, not education. Thus, in our courses we focus on everyday situations, and not on theoretical knowledge. We point out the best tools and master planning, arranging, motivating and controlling skills. Under our watchful eye, managers practice defining the right goals, translating them into tasks for a team, and delegating them properly. They work on methods of analyzing results, improving processes, monitoring work. They practice behaviors that motivate and appreciate employees, as well as those involving indispensable criticism or reprimand.

3. Leadership for development

We provide Simple and Effective Tools

Managers have to monitor the stages of employee development and then adapt their behaviors as well as use the tools suitable for supporting efficiency and potential development. We give them the best coaching tools, teach them when and how to delegate responsibility for the manner of carrying out the task. Next, managers practice coaching conversations on the basis of the leadership model functioning in their organization. Therefore, it is ideal to combine this program with Leadership program.

4. Leadership for change

We create Change Leaders

Ludzie boją się zmian, ale to właśnie one często działają zbawczo na rezultaty biznesowe. Dlatego uczymy menedżerów jak oswoić zmianę i stać się jej liderem. Tłumaczymy, jak ważna jest świadomość istoty zmian, prezentujemy postawy jakie zwykle przyjmują ludzie w reakcji na zmiany, pracujemy nad odpowiednim zaplanowaniem i wdrożeniem zmian. To od menedżerów, od ich umiejętności przełamania oporu i uruchomienie konstruktywnych reakcji, zależy sukces lub porażka zmiany. Dlatego bardzo ważne jest, aby menedżerowie potrafili odpowiednio reagować, nawet w bardzo trudnych sytuacjach. W tym celu korzystamy z narzędzi programu "Umiejętność skutecznego przekonywania".

5. 360° Management competency assessment

We provide Precise Feedback from fellow workers

This tool enables precise assessment of managers – their team management style and cooperation with others in leadership positions in order to achieve the desired results. It provides a starting point for training and coaching programs, as well as other development-oriented activities tailored to individual needs and not just declared expectations. We offer two alternative approaches/tools:

  • Management Action Profile

    We offer a universal set of competencies assessed – adequate regardless of the industry, company size and hierarchy level. The profile is characterized by precise, comprehensive and individualized recommendations for development.

  • Dedicated 360° Assessment

    It enables examination on the basis of any competency model, e.g. the one functioning in the customer’s organization. It ensures full flexibility in survey defining and assessment scaling.

  • 6. Project management 360°

    We assess Key Competency

    Proper project management is a skill that requires constant mastering. A response to this need is Project Management 360° program, which prepares you to manage a project at every stage, helps you cope with changes and teaches you to lead and work with people involved in that project implementation. Furthermore, each participant gets feedback on their own effectiveness and efficiency.