Performance and Results Management

1. Development of performance and results management system

We enable translating Strategy into Business Measures

A system of the appropriate measures is the core management tool. It allows us to focus on goals reaching and evaluate managers’ performance. It enables us to watch the company’s results – now and in the future.

One should ask oneself the key questions, consider possibilities and consequences. It can be done during an education–decision making workshop for top management. Then, bearing in mind the company’s objectives, we choose a model in which the measures will be developed (BSC – Balanced Scorecard, MBO – Management by Objectives or a combination of the two).

2. Preparing managers to set goals

We teach how to Meter what is Difficult to Measure

In order to implement a system of measures in a company, one must get familiar with it, so we prepare managers to set objectives on the basis of the new tool. We explain what it is, whom and what it is for, we present the relevant terminology, teach to look realistically, and not ambitiously. In addition, we provide managers with necessary skills as regards goal setting (especially in situations where it is difficult to set quantitative targets), conversing about objectives, using the previously developed tools (forms), as well as cascading business goals.

3. Employee performance and effectiveness management

We support Achievement of Results

Goals setting, although essential, is not enough to make the desired business results a reality. So we equip managers with a spectrum of tools related to employee work organization, commitment building and motivating. All that for them to be able to skillfully develop their employees’ potential. To this end, we created a complete set of programs dedicated to the development of:

  • Leadership and Key Management Skills
  • Employee Commitment
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • 4. Preparing Managers for Evaluation Conversation

    We suggest how to Fairly Evaluate

    The development of employees’ efficiency is possible only when they are provided with regular feedback from their superiors. A lack of such conversations results in a decrease of employees’ motivation and commitment as well as blocking the development of the core competencies and possibility of continuous business improvement. Therefore, evaluation is one of the key functions of managers. During the course we provide them with the appropriate tools to identify their employees’ strengths and development areas and to show the way to exploit their potential in the company, keeping in mind the mutual benefits.