1. Cracking the sales management code

We Break Conventions

How to achieve the business results surge? If – despite a number of courses on management, leadership and coaching skills development for executives – results are not satisfactory, you should take advantage of a revolutionary program that provides greater control over effectiveness and efficiency of the sales force.

The program is based on the world’s best practices and latest research allowing us to know the key to success, depending on the characteristics of the sales process implemented. It helps managers select the right way to support a salesperson, either in effective capital allocating when selling to a number of customers in the managed territory, or winning complex contracts in a multistage sales process. Therefore, it is suitable for each branch and group of salespeople managed by a manager. It is also noteworthy that this sales management model is effective and independent of the sales methodology applied in a company (e.g. SPIN, PSS, Sandler).

Our development activities included into the program focus on 3 steps: .

  • identification of the key sales activities of the managed team
  • identification of the management behaviors that improve effectiveness and efficiency of the salespeople’s actions
  • coaching and conducting development activities in a manner bringing visible business results.

The substantive concept underlying this training is based on the program developed by the authors of a bestseller “Cracking the Sales Management Code” (McGraw-Hill 2012), which gathered positive feedback from unquestionable authorities in the field of sales force development.

The authors present the results of the groundbreaking research on the best practices in measures and managing top sales teams. These studies have revealed a holistic management system that provides all that is lacking in the currently available sales management training courses. It is a complete set of solutions and tools for sales managers to help them make their employees focused on activities bringing a significant difference in the observed results.

Link to the book:

2. Effective sales techniques

We focus on Practice

The implementation of a sales model into a company is not enough. Without its proper use you cannot expect success. Our trainers are fully acquainted with most of the popular sales models and they know that effects do not depend on innovation, but on conscientiousness. We refresh the sales model already applied in a company, providing feedback and pointing out the potential areas for development. Together with salespeople we break customers’ indifference, we speak their language, anticipate their needs, and properly respond to them. We pay special attention to creating profiles of products, looking at them from the potential customer’s perspective.

3. The persuasive salesperson™

We believe in Win-Win

Building the right salesperson–customer relationship is the most important task of every vendor. This program develops the skills of trust building, positively influencing others, and negotiating to achieve win/win results in the shortest time possible. The participants study not only the method of quick and easy recognition of a communication style, but most of all, they learn to adapt their behaviors to their interlocutors’ needs. We submit a guide to effective trust building and fast customers’ favor winning.

4. Sales negotiations

We practice Effective Conversation

A seller should know when to replace the sales techniques with sales negotiations, and when it is not necessary. Therefore, we teach to identify situations in which it is reasonable to negotiate. We also prepare a vendor to use the applicable techniques from a wide range of negotiation tools. In addition, we teach them to be resistant to manipulation on the side of the buyer, presenting perfect defense alternatives.

5. Complex solutions sales strategies, tactics and techniques

We train Perseverance

The best sellers are characterized by perseverance. In gathering information, searching for needs and capabilities of potential customers, and finally, in winning people’s favor. Customers to whom we sell a ‘difficult product’ for the first time must become convinced that the seller and their company are reliable and can be trusted. It takes time and skills. During the program we teach e.g. how to build an effective – taking into account the needs, decision makers and processes – strategy for entering a new company, how to arouse interest, and how to adapt the sales techniques to a customer relationship stage.

6. Key account relationship management

We advise Special Agents

Cooperation with key accounts is a particular challenge for a seller – decision making processes are more complex and the number of people taking part in them exceeds the standards. It requires the vendor to have specific skills in sales strategy building and long-term cooperation with complex-structured customers. The aim of the program is to prepare its participants to quickly recognize the customer’s decision making process, the role of particular persons, and, on that basis, develop and implement the most effective solution. We also present how to sell by delivering value to customers and how to deal with the common obstacles in the decision making process.

7. Telemarketing techniques

We supplement Sales Skills Package

The one who tried selling by phone perfectly knows how different it is from face-to-face working with a customer. Seemingly, some techniques are similar – each seller has to make contact, excite interest, present an offer, answer objections, and finally, sell a product. The problem is that you have just the first few minutes, if not seconds, to make the recipient ‘buy’ you at first and give you a chance to advertise the product. Therefore, our program is a supplement to the effective sales techniques.

8. Sales competency assessment™

We reinforce Sales

The survey allows managers to identify strengths and weaknesses of each salesperson, and thus provide a personalized coaching program based on their specific needs. We focus on the processes, techniques, and behaviors essential for the best sales performance. We provide the practical tools for the salespeople’s main competencies evaluation in every phase of the sales process.