1. Training skills development train the trainers

We offer Several Years’ Experience

In the event that, due to the nature of a business, there is a need for repetitive training for large groups of participants, it is justified to organize an internal coaching team. We can share our trainers’ extensive experience in designing and conducting effective courses. We work on crucial skills, including: discussion moderation, workshop conducting, feedback giving, difficult situations coping, the participants’ and our own emotions management. We also help select potential coaches and develop comprehensive programs and tools.

2. Customer service skill development

We design Customer Experience

How to take care of customers’ loyalty? By designing their experience. We offer complex assistance in preparing an organization to provide its customers with unique experiences. After defining its segment of customers and getting to know their expectations, we choose a strategy that will build the company’s competitive advantage. Further action is based on building this concept cohesion within the company.

3. Debt collection skill development

We develop Strategy

We present how to effectively and quickly recover overdue debts. We combine the skills in terms of customer loyalty building, communication techniques, persuading, influencing and negotiating, with practical experience of the consultants in the field of collection. We help our customers develop a suitable strategy for debt recovery and match processes and procedures to it. We equip a person in charge of collection with the proper knowledge and skills so that they could identify a debtor type and their manipulative tricks and choose the appropriate course of action.