We help attract and retain Talents and efficiently invest in their commitment development

How to attract top talents and build the corporate image at the same time? By caring for your current employees! To the extent that they become ambassadors of your company in the labor market.

The key to success in this area is a strong leadership culture at all levels. We develop it through training and coaching, as well as the relevant tools for monitoring progress in the implementation of the desired changes. We assist companies in creating favorable conditions for attracting the best employees, developing their talents and above all keeping them committed. These activities also foster building the company’s ability to achieve spectacular business results.

An accurate diagnosis of the real needs and associating them with the business needs allow to rationally and efficiently invest in the development of employee competency and engagement. It seems crucial when we take into account the fact that 70% of training budgets is spent on education which is not reflected in the quality of the participants’ work.*

* “Research indicates that, on average, less than 30 percent of what people learn (in training) actually gets used on the job,” Dana Gaines Robinson and James C. Robinson in the book “Performance Consulting.”