We improve Sales Force

A company’s development requires a continuous increase of revenue stream. Therefore, we develop the Sales Force Effectiveness and raise its efficiency. In most cases we support using the sales model already functioning in an organization and raising the management effectiveness in its enforcing. The pressure to achieve the best results sometimes pushes companies into innovative, but not-fully-thought-out changes. Nevertheless, the key to success is not new ideas, but consistent implementation of the business model in daily work.

Thus, companies seeking a rapid increase in effectiveness and efficiency of the conducted sales activities may choose from a variety of our solutions:

  • preparation of sales managers for supporting their subordinates in undertaking adequate commercial activities and effective enforcing their implementation – Sales Management
  • practical revision, i.e. refreshment of the sales model applied in a company – Effective Sales Techniques
  • improving salespeople’s performance in terms of building relationships and persuasion – The Persuasive Salesperson
  • survey on strengths and weaknesses of a sales team - Sales Competency Assessment
  • mastering negotiation skills or specific sales organization skills; these are covered by the following programs:
    • Sales Negotiations
    • Key Account Relationship Management
    • Telemarketing Techniques
    • Complex Solutions Sales Strategies, Tactics and Techniques.