1. Leadership equity assessment™

We specify Team Potential

Business performance consists of everyday work of all company employees, and this is why their commitment to systematic development of the entire organization is that important. The examination enables us to measure efficiency – of managers and their teams, individual departments and the whole organization – in terms of creating favorable conditions for high level of engagement. With the results, areas of the greatest potential to improve working conditions are distinguished. It enables creation of results across an organization as well as in its particular parts. Priorities setting generates a dialogue between employees and the manager on the working conditions that allow them to achieve above-average results. Thanks to commitment of the whole team to the process of changes and highlighting the priorities, the implementation action plan brings the desirable effects.

2. 360° Management competency assessment

We provide Precise Feedback from fellow workers

A precise assessment of managers’ team management style and cooperation with others in order to achieve the expected results. This is a tool for getting feedback from your superior, direct subordinates and business associates at different management positions, accompanied by self-evaluation done by the manager being evaluated. It gives us a clear picture of the assessed people’s functioning, which can serve as a starting point for training and coaching programs as well as other development-oriented activities tailored to individual needs and not merely to declared expectations.

  • Management Action Profile™

    We offer a universal set of competencies assessed – adequate regardless of the industry, company size and hierarchy level. The profile is characterized by precise, comprehensive and individualized recommendations for development.

  • Dedicated 360° Assessment

    It enables examination on the basis of any competency model, e.g. the one functioning in the customer’s organization. It ensures full flexibility in survey defining and assessment scaling.

  • 3. Project management 360°

    We assess Key Competency

    Proper project management is a skill that requires constant mastering. A response to this need is Project Management 360° program, which prepares you to manage a project at every stage, helps you cope with changes and teaches you to lead and work with people involved in that project implementation. Furthermore, each participant gets feedback on their own effectiveness and efficiency.

    4. Talent management process

    We detect Talents

    This is a tool for talent seeking process and supporting an organization in the constructive use of human resources. It indicates a person with high development potential in the management path. Thus, an individual training and development plan can be developed. The survey also enables an objective comparison of the level of key competencies of people under the talent development program.

    5. Sales competency assessment™

    We reinforce Sales

    A unique survey enabling identification of strengths and weaknesses of every salesperson – not only on the basis of self-evaluation and superior’s assessment, but also customer’s evaluation. We offer the ready-made, verified in the world solutions – processes, techniques and behaviors fundamental for the best sales performance at all touchpoints with a customer.

    6. Social style of communication assessment

    We win Allies

    The tool allows us to understand how our social style of communication, empathy and flexibility level is perceived by our fellow workers. This information, when compared to our self-evaluation, gives us valuable instruction in the critical needs. Here comes a guide to effective trust building and allies making.

    7. Emotional capability profile

    Emotion Management

    Through the diagnosis we receive a profile providing a practical look at the skills of managing our emotions and behaviors as well as developing durable and correct relationships with other people. The results are used for the development of leadership and efficiency of managers at all levels, as well as changing organizational culture and team building.

    8. M@GIC™

    We aim at Efficiency

    The tool helps a team and its manager identify the maturity level, and then determine specific – both individual and group – actions and behaviors. Hence, the team consistency is being developed and enhanced. The universal nature of this tools allows it to be used by both a management board or executive committee comprising the top managers, and a project team, if only they need to end up with a mess, arguments and conflicts – so typical of the initial maturity levels – and look for a path to attaining full efficiency in a short time.